Gau Compost (Gaumata Ke Gobar Ki Khaad) (4*500Gm) (Pack Of 4)

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  • Neem Cake Powder Is Rich In Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Sulphur And Calcium. It's A Natural Product And Is Used For Growth And A High Yield Of Crops. The Nutrient Content And Fertility Of The Soil Increase When Neem Powder Is Mixed With It. Neem Cake Manure Helps In Producing A Greater Crop Harvest Than Synthetic Manures.
  • Organic, Bio-Degradable, Natural, Cold Pressed. Indoor / Outdoor Use. Good For Shrubs, Trees, Ornamental - Leaves, Flowers And Vegetables. Used As Broad Spectrum Insecticide And Pest Control. Adapt To Beneficial Insects Such As Butterflies, Ladybugs
  • Improves Soil Aeration Enriches Soil With Micro-Organisms (Adding Enzymes Such As Phosphatase And Cellulase) Microbial Activity In Worm Castings Is 10 To 20 Times Higher Than In The Soil And Organic Matter That The Worm Ingests Attracts Deep-Burrowing Earthworms Already Present In The Soil
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  • Review

    Rekha kanwar
    Jun 23, 2022
    Cow Manure Rich in all essential soil nutrients and Contains micro and macro nutrients. Improves fertility of soil and provides better growth and root development for the plant.

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