Gangaram Amarchand Gajak Barfi 1Kg

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Gangaram Amarchand Halwai

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  • Gajak Barfi
  • Gajak Barfi. It's Most Generally Consumed In The Downtime Season. Its Small Pieces Of Dry Sweet Made Of Sesame Seeds And Jaggery Which Is Known As‘Til’And‘Gur’In Hindi With Deshi Ghee. It's Amended With Cashew And Deshi Ghee. The Til Is Cooked In Jaggery Saccharinity And Set In Small Pieces, Which Can Be Stored For Months. Gajak Is Prepared With Sesame Seeds And Jaggery With A System Of Medication That's Time- Consuming. It Takes About 10-15 Hours To Prepare 5-8Kg.Of Gajak. The Dough Is Pounded Until All The Sesame Seeds Break Down And Release Their Canvases Into The Dough.
  • Gajak Barfi Is Healthy Delicious And Brickle. Gajak Which Is A Natural Combination Of Jaggery & Sesame Seeds And Poppy Seeds Works As A Great Natural Energy Supporter For A Healthy Life.
  • When Someone Talks About Gajak, The First Name That Comes To Our Minds Is “Gah Sweets"Which Winter Delight Food Brings To You The World's Loveable Gajak Straight To Your Doorstep Brings The Hottest Selling Through “Alde Bazaar Our Product Is An Fantastic Interpretation Of The Traditional Sweets With The Presence Of Sesame Seeds.This Sweet Is Popular To Blazon Any Occasion In India. This Sweet Dish Is Relatively Sweet In Taste And Rich With The Luscious Taste Of Jaggery (Gur) And Sesame. (Til), Pure Desi Ghee, Cardamom (Elaichi) It's Preferred By All The People. Too Important Of A Good Thing Can Be Succulent, You'Ll Discover When You Suck Into This Sesame-Jaggery Seasoned Sweet Melting Into Your Mouth With Every Bite.
  • Constituents: Til (Sesame Seed) Jaggery, Sugar Dryfruits, Peanuts, Ghee And Elachi.
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