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Gangaram Amarchand Halwai

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  • Gajak
  • Gajak ( Also Gachak) Is A Cake Or Sweetmeat Forming In North-Central India. It's A Dry Sweet Made Of Sesame Seeds (Til) Or Peanuts And Jaggery. The Til Is Cooked In Raw Sugar Saccharinity And Set In Thin Layers, Which Can Be Stored For Months.
  • Come Layoffs, And We All Crave Warm Gajaks That Come In Colorful Shapes And Sizes, With So Numerous Different Flavors. It's A Crisp Textured Treat And Is Also A Popular Lohri Form That You Can Fluently Make At Home. Traditionally, Its Made With Jaggery And Sesame Seeds And Prevents The Body From Cold. This Succulent Treat Will Make You Enjoy Both The Constituents In One Dish. Peanuts Are Also Available In Bulk During The Downtime Season And Keep The Body Warm And Safe From The Deep Freeze. It's Quite A Popular North Indian Form And Is Stylish Enjoyed During The Layoffs. Makar Sankranti Is One Of The Most Auspicious Days Of The Time And Is Celebrated With Important Fanfare Across India. It Marks The Appearance Of The Spring Season, Bidding Congé To The Chilly Layoffs. Utmost Sought-After And Mouth- Soddening Traditional Delectables Are Prepared During This Jubilee, And Gajak Is One Of Them. Gajak Is A Specialty Of Numerous Places In The State Of Uttar Pradesh And Punjab Similar As Meerut, Muraina, Ludhiana, And Jalandhar. Still, Follow This Quick Form For A Simple Gajak To Be Made At Home. But With This Form, You Can'T Only Make It Snappily But Can Also Achieve The Important-Wanted Texture And Taste.
  • Benefits Of Eating Gajak: Makes Your Bone Stronger, Controls Blood Pressure, Makes You Energetic, Better Digestion, Benefits In Anaemia.
  • Constituents: Sesame Seeds, Grams Sugar, Water, Cashews, Ghee
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