Desi Cow Dung Cakes (Pack Of 35 Pieces)

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Desi Cow Dung Cakes-Pure And Handcrafted Cow Dung Cakes For Day-To-Day Hawan, Prayer ( Puja) And Other Religious Conditioning. This Cake Is Formed From Dung Of Indian Desi Cow. In Hindi, It'S Called As Kande Or Gobar Ke Uple. They'Re Handcrafted By Women In Vills.

• It'S Scientifically Proven That The Burning Of Dried Cow Dung Cutlets With Neem Leaves Or Camphor Purifies The Air.

• Habituated In Havans, In Combination With Pure Cow Ghee Is Said To Strengthen The Ozone Subcaste Which Shields The Earth From Dangerous Radiation.

• Natural Product That Does Not Pollute The Atmosphere,Eco-Friendly And Pure Gobar Ke Uple.

• The Burning Of Uplees Cleanses The Air And Produces Prana( Oxygen) In The Atmosphere.

• The Steam From Burning Cow Dung Cutlets Repels Insects And Mosquitoes.

• Cow Dung Eradicates Pathogens And Is A Honored Cleaner & Contains Plenitude Of Menthol, Ammonia, Phenol, Formalin, And Bacteriophages.

• Our Cow Dung Cutlets Are Made From Pure Desi Cows. Desi Cow Dung Has Special Parcels And Relatively Useful For Fire Offerings.

• The Admixture Of Cow Dung And Gomutra Are Made Into Small Cutlets And Dried Under The Sun For 4 To 5 Days. The Sun- Dried Cutlets Always Burn Well.

• Burning Cow Dung Cutlet At Home On With Ghee Purifies The Air, Kills Airborne Germs, And Dispels Evil Goods. It Keeps The Atmosphere Clean.

• Cow Dung Cutlet Is Most Preferred For Havans. Scriptures Recommend Dried Cow Dung For Fire Offerings Similar As Havan, Agnihotra,Etc.

• Dried Cow Dung Can Be Broken Into Small Pieces And Added To Factory As Manure. Mix With Soil And Add Water. Nutrients In Cow Dung Will Boost Factory Growth And Better Soil Health.

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