RamSewak Crunchy Till Laddu 500Gm

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Ram Sewak Sahu Gajak Udyog

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  • Crunchy Till Laddu
  • Til Ke Laddu Are Traditional India Sweet Balls Made With Sesame Seeds, Jaggery, And Cardamom Greasepaint. These Sweet Balls Are Rich In Calcium And Iron And Their Taste Is Delicious With A Nutty Aroma. These Are Most Generally Made In Indian Homes During Carnivals Like Sankranti, Ganesh Chaturthi, And Indeed Navaratri. There Are Multitudinous Recipes To Make Til Ladoo. These Sesame Ladoos Have A Melt In The Mouth Texture And Taste Extremely Succulent With A Unique Nutty Aroma. Crunchy Til Laddu Made With Til, Jaggery, Sugar, And Peanuts. Delicious And Healthy Laddus Anyone Can Have At Any Time. Take Along A Snack Box Filled With Laddu To The Academy Or Office For Easy Snacking During Breaks.
  • 5 Reasons To Include Crunchy Till Laddu In Your Diet: • Reduces Risk Of Heart Conditions • Great For Skin • Makes Bones Strong • Improves Immunity • Heals Inflammation.
  • Ingredients: Jaggery, Sugar, Till And Peanut.
  • Shelf Life: 4 Months.
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  • Review

    Mar 21, 2022
    Taste delicious and crunchy

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