Kenko Chocolate Crunchy Peanut Butter 340 Gm

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Kenko Namkeen

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  • Chocolate Crunchy Peanut Butter Offers An Irresistibly Succulent Combination Of Brickle Peanut Adulation And Dark Chocolate. The Crunchy Texture Of Natural Peanuts Complements Thesuper-Smooth Delicate Taste Of Chocolaty Peanuts. A Crispy, Silky, Protein-Rich Peanut Adulation Spread Mixed With Dark Chocolate & Natural Cocoa. It's Filled With Antioxidants And Salutary Fiber. Time Taken Roasted In Small Batches, It's Special & When You Taste It, You Know Exactly Why.
  • There's Mass- Produced Adulation And Also There's Our Adulation. Our Slow System Of Making Adulation Brings Increased Flavor And Maximum Nutrition. The Neat And Most Precious Constituents Combine To Give You Everything That's Good For You. All The Virtuousness And Plus Chocolate. Nutritive Benefits Contains Protein Rich Diet. Utmost Of Us Can Not Say No To Peanut Adulation. Indeed Further Of Us Can Not Say No To Chocolate. Put The Two Together In A Single Jar, And You Get An Infectious Delicate Treat! That Is Exactly What We Offer In The Chocolatey Variant Of Our Notorious Original Peanut Adulation. You See, Our Succulent Chocolate Peanut Adulation Spread Contains Thin Belgian Dark Chocolate! This Is In Addition To The Fact That It Formerly Contains The Good Kind Of Brown Sugar And Pink Himalayan And It's A Chocolate Peanut Adulation Spread Devoted To Helping You Get Fit!
  • Constituents: Roasted Peanuts, Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Salt, Stabilizer.
  • Delivery TAT: 5-7 Working Days. (Originally Sourced & Freshly Delivered).
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