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  • Carrot Pickle
  • Carrots Are Frequently Used In Dishes That Are Sweet In Nature, But We'Re Breaking The Norm By Using Them In Our Savory Pickle. It's A Important- Loved Traditional Indian Side Dish That's Easy To Store And Accessible To Use. Rich Source Of Natural Nutrients. Whether You Are On The Field Or In The Stands, Our Product Is A Great Addition To Your Diet. The Spiced Pungent Blend Of Seasonings Brings Out The Special Sense Of Nostalgia With Perfect Taste And Aroma. Every Jar Is Packed Precisely In Germfree Conditions And Sealed.
  • Benefits
  • Carrot Pickles Are Yummy, Tasty And Tempting, Especially For The Indian Palate. It's An Antioxidant And The Potassium In Them Can Be Veritably Helpful In Reducing Heart Sicknesses, Making Strong Bones And Healthy Neurons. Savour This Fantastic Component In All Its Heat And Tanginess. Red Carrots Are Rich In Dietetic Fiber And Are Veritably Useful For A Healthy Digestive System And Take Good Care Of Your Skin Authority.
  • About This Item
  • • There's No Right Way To Eat (Carrot Pickle). Every Home Has Its Own Different Way Of Enjoying It. But Then Are Some Widely Agreed-Upon Foods With Which Organic Carrot Pickle Would Go Neat. Every Bite With A Hot Flatbread, Aloo Paratha, Dal, Or Fumed Rice Will Reveal The Full Flavor Of The Savory (Carrot Pickle) Most Immediately. You Will Love Doing This Every Day Of The Week! • This Healthy And Is A Pure Manual (Carrot Pickle) Is Made In A Germfree And Quality- Controlled Surroundings With Traditional Methods, Handed Down Through Generations Giving Your Buds The Substance Of Mother Love. • A Tasteful Combination Of Fresh Carrot &Spices, Healthy, And Delicious Manual Gajjar Ka Aachar (Carrot Pickle) Is Well Served With All Indian Meals, Adds To Daals And Curries For Excess Temptation, Make Your Every Meal Memorable With This Authentic Combination Of Fresh Carrot, Experience This Taste Formerly And You'Ll Be Under Its Spell Ever. • Rich Source Of Natural Nutrients With Authentic Rich Taste And Aroma; You Get A Pungent, Full-Bodied Fermented Flavor That’S Just The Perfect Incident To Your Favorite Meals. A Low Cholesterol Side Dish Brimming With Vitamin A &Iron. Tasty, Healthy, And Nutritional, Just How You Would Like It. • Store In A Cool And Dry Place Out From Humidity, Don'T Buy This Pack If Found Leaked Or Tampered, Consume Within 60 Days Formerly Opened Keep This Pack Tightly Near After Use, Always Use A Clean And Dry Spoon While Handling This Pickle.
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