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  • Almonds Kashmiri Premium Without Shell-Almonds Is Sourced From Small Farms Of Kashmir. The Kashmiri Almonds Are Rich In Nutrients Due To The Moderate Climate Of Kashmir, These Almonds Contain Advanced Volume Of Canvas (Oil) Inside Than Californian Almonds Still This Is Desirable Canvas (Oil) Because It Contains Only Polyunsaturated Fat And Zero Trans- Fat Thereby Reducing Danger Of Heart Disease.
  • About This Product- • Our Kashmiri Almonds Are Grown Organically In The Vale (Valley) Of Kashmir. If You Ask Moment's Nutritionists-They Will Recommend Consumption Of Products Grown Near To You. So There Is Nothing Great About Mamra Almonds From Across Seven Seas. However, You'Ll Discover That Foreign Almonds Are Unfit For Direct Consumption (Only Good For Circular Use) Whereas Kashmiri Almonds Can Be Straight Down Eaten, If You Probe A Bit. • Kashmiri Almonds Have Full Canvas (Oil) Content And Are Considered Super Foods, Loaded With Nutrients. In Fact You May Not Get The Agreeableness Of Other Type Of Californian Almonds Because Of The Canvas (Oil) Content Present In Kashmiri Giri. • Nutritive Bootstrapper-Almonds Are Prized Nuts For Their Fit Balanced Nutritive Profile Conforming Of All The Macro And Macro Nutrients, Minerals And Vitamins For Your Complete Well Being. • We Insure That The Quality Of Kashmiri Almonds Being Transferred Is Precious Single Tree And Has Minimum Chance Of Any Bitter Kernel. • Healthy Snack – Almonds Are A Good Source Of Factory Grounded Protein Making It A Great Choice For Vegans And Insectivores. Almonds Help To Lower Blood Sugar Situations And Cardiovascular Sickness. • Kashmiri Almonds Known For Their Great Taste And Natural • Hand Picked Finest Quality. Kashmiri Almonds Are Big-Name Each Over The World For Their Rich Canvas (Oil) Content And Splendid Taste. • Kashmiri Almonds Are Packed With Minerals, Vitamins, Fiber & Protein, And Are Associated With A Number Of Health Benefits. Being A Source Of Vitamin E, Copper, Magnesium, And High Quality Protein, Just A Handful Of Almonds, Contains One-Eighth Of Our Necessary Day-To-Day Protein.
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