Achari Khakhra (Pack Of 3*200Gm)

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  • Achari Khakhra
  • A Healthy Twist To A Traditional Indian Snack, Achari Khakhra-Whole Wheat Will Surely Be Loved By Your Kiddies. Uniquely Prepared Khakhra In A Lip-Smacking Desi Achari Flavor Travel Friendly Perfect Tea Companion- Made With Whole-Wheat Flour-Crisp Treat. These Flaky, Crisp Crackers Are Among The Most Excellent Healthy Snacks You'Ll Simply Love. With Added Spices, These Healthy Relishes Are A Flavorful Snack That You Can Enjoy Along With Your Chai Or Coffee.
  • They Taste Delicious And Are Nutritional Too, Our Masala Khakhra Has No Preservatives And Is A Better Bet Over Conventional Snacks. This Snack Is Veritably Healthy Because Of Its Advanced Dietetic Fiber Content And Its Low Fat And Caloric Value And Use Of Great Benefits. This High Nutritional Savory Dish Has A Nice Combination Of Spices Which Makes It All The More Mouthwatering.
  • About This Item • Anytime, Anywhere Snacks Enjoy This Light Weight, Thin And Crisp Khakhra During Breaks, Travelling, While In Office, Parties, Fun And Games And Dieting. Carry A Khakhra With You To Munch On Whenever You Get Hunger Stings(Pangs). • Ready To Eat, Guilt Free Snack It'S A Not Fried Perfect Snack Which Tastes Neat With Tea, Pickles, Curd, Chutneys, Jam, And Adulation(Butter). • Benefits Khakhra Is A Rich Source Of Dietetic Fiber, Minerals, Vitamins, And Iron Which Makes It A Truly Essential Part Of The Day-To-Day Diet. , It Prevents Heart Stroke And Its Helps To Reduce Cholesterol In Our Body. • Regional Cookery All Of Khakhra Products Are Made From The Finest Constituents And Spices On The Market- Delivering You With Vibrant Aromas And The Flavors Of Gujarat At Your Fingertips.
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